Thursday, August 18, 2016

Have you ever considered hosting an exchange student?

Below are excerpts from an email I received regarding hosting students from China. I do not have any direct experience with this organization, but thought I would pass this along.

My name is Jenna Irrgang, and I am the Director of Residential Life for Global Connections Homestay. My company partners with private and parochial schools in the Philadelphia area (and beyond) to bring international students to the schools - the students live with host families and often study at schools for multiple years of high school.

A few of our host families are within the FCC network, and it's a great experience for families and the exchange students. The Chinese students interact with their family so nicely, culture and language is exchanged, and the students feel extra welcome since their "host siblings" are Chinese too!
We are looking for host families that live in Delaware County who can host for students attending Archbishop Carroll in Radnor and Monsignor Bonner in Upper Darby. We pay a stipend of roughly $1,100/month. Students can come from various neighborhoods and take the school bus, as domestic students would.

I have attached a brochure, and here is a direct link to the application: 
If you would like us to host an information night or sponsor one of your networking events, we would love to do so!

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to working with your organization!


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